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Happy Thanksgiving!

This weekend YWAM Taiwan celebrated Thanksgiving. We had a talent show, a grand feast, and a day at the beach together. One thing we were all particularly thankful for was the culmination of a missions initiative that has been going on here for a few years. It's called "The Surge." A few years ago, YWAM Montana contacted YWAM Taipei to ask if they would like to partner with them. Since then, Montana has focused an incredible amount of energy on Taiwan. Teams have come multiple times a year to do short-term missions, working with us at the Rock cafe, doing building projects, supporting our outreach teams in three target locations in Taiwan, and much more. One thing I particularly appreciate a


Here we are, my fellow artist Kyla and I at the riverside of Danshui doing some watercolor work. I was not sure what I was going to work for that evening, but looking at this breath-taking beauty of sunset, I just had to move my brush to capture this scene. While I was doing my best to depict the hundreds and thousands of different colors displayed in the sky, I was thinking what is the point of trying to capture it when my art would never ever do the justice of the real beauty of a sunset? It would be never good enough. Why don’t I just stop painting and watch the sunset? Then C. S. Lewis’ quote about art came into my mind. “For they - art and music - are not the thing itself; they are only

Student Feature: Adriana Sahagun

My friend Adriana was a wonderful influence in my life. She introduced several anime to me, the magic of Copic markers, and the joys of cosplay. More importantly, though, she has a heart to serve the Lord. She was - and is - a valuable friend of mine, and it was sheer pleasure to interview her. K: Where did you grow up? When did you decide you were an artist? A: I was born in Portland, Oregon and grew up in various places in Oregon. I started drawing at the age of two and have been drawing ever since. I remember being praised for my art starting in 5th grade. I always loved drawing for people if it meant they would smile. So probably around that time was when I decided that I was an artist.


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