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Student Feature: Ema Nyamageni King

When I was a student in 2012 Ema was one of my SoCAM peers. He is a very cool guy, with a charming smile and a great personality. During his time at the SoCAM he met his future wife, Rachel, another artist. It just goes to show the neat ways God can bring people together. Ema and Rachel are now back in Africa, seeking to help impoverished people in Tanzania. If you want to learn more about that, click here.


Ema agreed to answer some questions about himself and the SoCAM:

K: Where did you grow up? When did you decide you were an artist?

E: I grew up in different parts of Tanzania, I decided I was an artist in the age of twelve.

K: How did the SoCAM develop your artistic skills?

E: I never went to an art school or learned about art before the SoCAM. I used to figure out proportions by myself. i.e. Most of my figure drawing before SoCAM had a problem: the length of arms, leg and its components didn't match the full body. I feel like I understood more about proportions after SoCAM, including landscape proportions, where the horizon lays etc. The SoCAM also helped me with my animation skills.

K: How did attending the SoCAM affect how you felt as a Christian artist?

E: Mind blowing! Attending SoCAM and working with Create opened my eyes to see the big impact of art in missions.

K: What's your favorite thing to draw? What is it about this thing that is so special to you?

E: I like to draw faces. I like facial expressions, and I think it's amazing that we can put expression on a piece of paper and communicate feelings and emotions.

K: Is there something that you have created that you are most proud of?

E: Other team members and I re-did "The Prophet" stories from Apple Motion 5 to Adobe After Effects.

The Prophet stories are an evangelistic contextual series that answers the question: "How do we find the straight path to Allah?"

You can view these stories, also called Allah's Way, here. Please watch the introduction to Allah's Way below.

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