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Happy Thanksgiving!

This weekend YWAM Taiwan celebrated Thanksgiving. We had a talent show, a grand feast, and a day at the beach together. One thing we were all particularly thankful for was the culmination of a missions initiative that has been going on here for a few years. It's called "The Surge."

A few years ago, YWAM Montana contacted YWAM Taipei to ask if they would like to partner with them. Since then, Montana has focused an incredible amount of energy on Taiwan. Teams have come multiple times a year to do short-term missions, working with us at the Rock cafe, doing building projects, supporting our outreach teams in three target locations in Taiwan, and much more.

One thing I particularly appreciate about the Surge - and about YWAM Taipei in general - is the blessing of being near to a different branch of ministry. We are in community with YWAM Taiwan. We are surrounded by missionaries working hard to reach their Taiwanese friends and neighbours. When I hear my missionary friends bemoan the difficulty of reaching people, or get excited about a friend who has finally come to the Lord, I am encouraged to do my best in my own mission work. When I get news of missionaries who have gone out to other countries from this base, or when I sit with a Taiwanese person at the Rock and cobble together a conversation with my (very) broken Chinese and their broken English, I am reminded about why we at Create do what we do. We are part of a larger body of believers all working together to spread the light of Christ to the nations. While we make evangelistic cartoons in our office, others are learning Chinese. Still others are doing paperwork and wrestling with visa issues. Yet others are going out to preach and disciple the nations. None of us can do it all, but none of us are alone.

Yilan, Zhanghua, and Taidong are YWAM Taiwan's target locations

If your heart is stirred by the great need in the world today, don't wait! Come take a step of faith with us. If you would like to learn more about what YWAM Taiwan will be doing next, you can contact them here: http://www.ywamtaipei.com/contact

There are lots of ways you can serve here in Taiwan. You can join our team in using art to reach unreached peoples. You can serve at one of our three target locations in Taiwan (shown above). They were established during the Surge, and now must grow and develop in order to make an impact in this nation. You can do a DTS, and start your YWAM journey. Missions possibilities are various as God is generous. And believe me, he who begins a good work in you will carry it out until it's complete! Come and join us in this good work.


"For we are God's fellow workers. You are God's field, God's building." (1 Cor. 3:9)

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