• Yoojin Han

I Wanna Hold Your Hand!

Adam & And Eve, and cow

Here is my own imaginary caption of the scene from one of Create International's animations:

Eve says, “Adam, would you hold my hand please. My hand is cold.”

“No, Eve. I cannot for the sake of contextualization.”

The cow next to them is thinking ‘What is Adam talking about?!’

And you might be thinking same thing too! Last year, one of my tasks at Create Taiwan was to re-edit this animation we made for specific people group in China to reach a different people group in Vietnam. This animation worked well for both the Chinese and Vietnamese people groups because they have a very similar culture. For the Chinese animation Adam and Eve were holding hands in the garden. However, the cultural advisor in Vietnam said that culturally it would be better Adam and Eve to not hold hands. Therefore one of my important jobs in editing this animation was to reposition the arms of Adam and Eve so that they do not hold each other's hands.

Personally, it makes more sense to me to see them hold hands to show their intimate relationship. Adam did say that Eve was ‘bone of my bones’ (Genesis 2:23). However, if it is inappropriate to the culture we are trying to share the gospel to, and if it does not go against the Biblical view, it does not matter if it makes sense to me or not. We will make a change. After all, it is not about me. The concept of ‘contextualization’ seems big and complicated but sometimes how it looks in our work is as simple and small as this: make sure Adam and Eve do not hold hands!

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