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The Ever-Expanding EMDC

At Create International Taiwan, our main purpose is to produce contextualized, evangelistic resources to help missionaries working among the world’s unreached people groups explain the gospel. Some of you may wonder, though, how do we find missionaries working among these groups in order to partner with them? There is one conference in particular that has been especially helpful, and that is the EMDC.

What’s the EMDC?

The EMDC (Eurasia Media and Distribution Consultation) is a multi-agency network that been meeting annually for the last decade, and alternating locations between Thailand and the Netherlands. It is intended to be a secure venue where minority language workers, Bible translators, literacy workers, language development workers, and “others” in the greater Eurasia region, can meet with media specialists (including radio, TV, internet, mobile), IT technicians, recording specialists, graphic artists, and specialists in Orality and EthnoArts (arts, drama, dance).

I have never seen a multi-organizational gathering with as much unity, purpose and effectiveness as the EMDC. Since the pandemic, they have have had to adapt by going to more of an online format. Although they had to cancel their in-person conferences in 2020 and 2021, going online has resulted in their exponential growth. They are now able to reach, connect with, and train far more people than previously imagined.

Our Involvement

Some of our projects at Create Taiwan (Ellei and Life After the Earthquake for example) came about as a result of contacts made at this annual conference. One year, we met a couple whose son was interested in our animation training program and as a result, he became one of our students, and ultimately staff! The EMDC has also dramatically helped spread the partnership of the 2020 Vision project over the last ten years.

“I have never seen a multi-organizational gathering with as much unity, purpose and effectiveness as the EMDC.”

A typical EMDC conference consisted of five days of sessions, workshops and display booths. Every participant would have a “minute-at-the-mic” to introduce their ministry and point people to their booth location for more information. Another major aspect of the conference was training. The main conference was preceded and followed by two four-day training sessions on a variety of topics. At the last in-person EMDC in the Netherlands in 2019, I led a four-day intensive class on using 2D animation to reach one’s target people group, and five students went back to the field with a new skill to help communicate the gospel. Other topics offered were Scripture Engagement, Scriptwriting, Writing Apps and Member Care.

What’s next?

What does the future hold for the EMDC? Although they are still planning to have in-person meetings in the future, the EMDC has now become much greater than just the annual meeting. The recently launched new website has sections for a classroom, a blog, a scripture engagement guide, podcasts, and information regarding upcoming in-person conferences. The “classroom” offers live and prerecorded classes on a huge variety of topics. For example, this week they are offering a class called, Using Henna Designs and Bible Storying to Share God's Love With Women Cross-Culturally. If you are a missionary, content provider, or just curious, I would encourage you to check out what the EMDC has to offer.

Create International has participated with the EMDC for years, and we are excited to see the new direction this powerful gathering has taken. We plan to continue our involvement and hope to offer more of our training content through the EMDC to people serving on the field in the coming months and years.

- Dave H.

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