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AniMissions Continues

In the last ten years, there has been a shift in missions strategy around the world that now focuses on encouraging and facilitating movements of people groups to Christ. A higher emphasis is being placed on activities like broad seed sowing of the gospel, making disciples that make disciples, and rapid multiplication of small house churches.

One area where Create Taiwan has been actively involved is in the broad seed sowing of the gospel, as many teams around the world are leveraging media to help find “persons of peace” in a given group who are open to knowing more about faith in Jesus. Teams are posting simple, attention-grabbing video clips on social media platforms that attract spiritually-interested seekers, who then connect with the team and potentially become “cultural insiders” in a given movement of believers. And nothing grabs the attention on social media more than animation in one’s language and culture.

“Nothing grabs the attention on social media more than animation in one’s language and culture.”

Over the last year or so, we have developed an online training program called AniMissions. Through both the seven-week AniMissions Seminar, and the more basic eight-hour AniMissions EMDC workshop, we have been training believers online, who are living among their people, to produce dynamic animated short films that are contextualized for their own people group and other unreached people groups.

AniMissions Seminar

In our second AniMissions Seminar—which wrapped up on June 10th—we were able to train seven students from around the world. They not only learned the technical aspects of creating animated films using the Blender 3D program, but they were also trained in contextualization, storytelling, and production workflow. We are very excited about how this training will impact people groups in places like Indonesia, Thailand and North Africa.

AniMissions EMDC

Next month, we will be hosting our third AniMissions EMDC workshop, which is more of a basic introduction to the concept of using animation in missions. This free online workshop has been a great recruiting tool, as many of these students end up wanting to go deeper and take the AniMissions Seminar. So if you are curious, but don’t want to commit to the intensive seven-week program, the AniMissions EMDC workshop is a great way to get started. Click here to register on the EMDC website and sign up for the course.

We will be running our third AniMissions Seminar from August 29 to October 14 this year. We have dedicated staff who have taken the school who enjoy coming alongside and encouraging our students. If you would like to join us for this adventure, please visit our web page and fill out an application.

- Dave H.

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