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News: AniMissions Update

The global pandemic has had both positive and negative effects on ministries throughout the world. Many conferences, schools, and other events have had to be cancelled or postponed, but some have adapted to the new normal and seen beneficial transformations. At Create International Taiwan, we have had to adapt our AniMissions training program once again, and we are already excited about the advantages these new adjustments will bring!

AniMissions School

As travel restrictions for foreigners entering Taiwan will not likely be lifted by June of this year, we have decided to postpone the 24-week AniMissions School until June of 2022. This is the second-level YWAM University of the Nations course that requires a Discipleship Training School (DTS) as a prerequisite. We will certainly be re-evaluating this plan in the spring of 2022 in light of the situation at that time.

AniMissions Seminar

In the mean time, we have created a shorter version of the AniMissions program that will be available from October 24 to December 4, 2021. As a six-week “seminar,” it falls under a University of the Nations category that allows us to lift the DTS requirement.

Although we love DTS and would heartily recommend it for everyone, we have realized over the years that there are teams and individuals around the globe that volunteer with other organizations, that could benefit tremendously from our indigenous animation training, or would simply not be able to take five months out of their schedule to attend a DTS. So we feel that a six-week intensive program will be more effective at equipping the workers we most want to enable, especially those in the Global South.

The Content

The AniMissions Seminar will attempt to cover most of what will be covered in the AniMissions School. The six weeks of solid training will take students through the fundamental basis for using animated media for cross-cultural missions, animation/design concepts and story development, as well as the nuts and bolts of building a scene, designing/rigging characters, and animating in the Blender software environment. We will also cover the basics of sound design, special effects, and project management.

Toward the end of the seminar, students will be invited to stay on for an optional six-week internship where we will work together on an animated short film. This enables us to evaluate each student’s strengths and skill level as we build a collaborative team that will help reach an unreached people group.

“We are very excited about the possibility of extending our reach and equipping more workers to create their own powerful evangelistic media tools.”

Extending our Reach

During this strange season of face-to-face limitations, we have seen that many ministries have been transformed by the “just in time” technology that has popped up to meet the global need. We are planning to make the AniMissions Seminar even more accessible to teams who would benefit by offering the program online through Create International’s new Campfire Creatives website. Teams will be able to participate in both the training and the project (or apply the training to their own project) from anywhere in the world. We are very excited about the possibility of extending our reach and equipping more workers to create their own powerful evangelistic media tools.

So stay tuned and spread the word on your social media channels. If you have been praying about how animation might be used to reach your target people group, then this could be the year that you take the first step by signing up for the AniMissions Seminar!

- Dave H.

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