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Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Create International Taiwan has decided to partner with one of the best online advanced learning platforms for our upcoming AniMissions Seminar. CG Cookie was founded by Wes Burke in 2007 and has grown to over 500,000 users around the world. In their own words, they are “supporting artists while being a force of good in the community.” Their system of tutorial videos, forums, achievement points, and galleries are centered around four disciplines: 3D using Blender, 2D Concept Art, Game Development, and Clay Sculpting.

Learning Blender Online?

By the end of 2019, we had decided it was time to revamp our School of Cartooning and Animation for Missions (SoCAM). With the Frontier Comic Seminar (FCS) now covering comics, we wanted to focus more on animation and also move to a more fiscally reasonable software pipeline than the Adobe Creative Suite. After months of research, we settled on Blender, a 3D/2D graphics and animation application with a great price (free!) but a very steep learning curve. We were already familiar with the program since we had offered two weeks of Blender training in some of our previous schools, but we were nowhere close to being able to use it in our main production pipeline, or to make it the main focus of our curriculum.

Around the same time, our Blender instructor, Matthew, had highly recommended the tutorials at CG Cookie, and so we signed up for an account to help the staff get up to speed. As we went through the well-designed learning platform, we began to ask ourselves, “Why not use CG Cookie as our main tool for learning Blender in the AniMissions Seminar?” We were delighted to discover that CG Cookie already had a program in place to partner with schools like ours. It was a win-win situation.

How it will work?

About 70% of the learning content of the AniMissions Seminar will be provided by CG Cookie through their quality lessons on modeling, materials, rigging, and animation. Our AniMissions team will be providing the added individual instruction as well as the essential missions training track of the course, along with sound design and editing. We will also be facilitating the spiritual growth of the students through devotionals, prayer, and group discussion.

“We are excited to see what God will be doing with our AniMissions students this fall as a result of this partnership!”

Working with a company like CG Cookie frees our staff up to focus more on the learning process and growth of our students. Learning something as complicated as Blender requires a lot of mental and emotional energy and the students will need all the support they can get! At the same time, CG Cookie will offer the students quality tutorial videos, progress tracking, quizzes and exercises, community events, contests, and an active global forum. We are excited to see what God will be doing with our AniMissions students this fall as a result of this partnership!

Where do you fit in?

Over the years, we have met many artists who are surprised when they find out that they can use their God-given skills and talents to directly make an impact on unreached peoples with the gospel of Christ. We have also met seasoned missionaries, or teams on the field who want to integrate animation into their strategy for reaching their target group. If you fit into either of these categories, consider applying for the next AniMissions Seminar, and reaping the benefits of our new partnership.

Click here for more details on the AniMissions Seminar, and to apply for the next course beginning October 24, 2021.

- Dave H.

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