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Delightful Ideas

The Currency of Ideas

As media missionaries, the day-to-day currency we deal in is that of ideas. Most great ideas come from the Word of God, but they tend to be told in an all too familiar way. A God-idea packaged in a unique and creative way can have a profound impact for the Kingdom. Jesus did this a lot—that’s why He so often spoke in parables. It’s delightful to see a God-idea told in a fresh, innovative way that’s relevant to the peoples to whom we are called to speak.

From the Mind to the Heart

We look for creative ways to plant Kingdom ideas in peoples’ minds, praying that God’s Spirit would breathe His life into these ideas so that they lead to a renewal of their hearts. Today I wanted to highlight an example of one such idea packaged in a way that I thought was particularly “delightful.” However, before commenting on it, I invite you to watch the idea unfold in the form of a one and a half minute short film entitled “Delight,” made by the Jesus Film Project. You can view the film by clicking here. Please watch it before reading on—I wouldn’t want to spoil the unique ending of the film for you before you see it.

The Idea: Our Father Delights in Us

I consider “Delight” to be one of the truly great conversation starters. God is our Father who delights in us, despite the messes that we make. This is a universal idea—it resonates in all cultures. But perhaps the imagery and music used—that of a European dessert with chamber music playing in the background, doesn’t resonate with the specific people we are called to reach. Today, most Unreached People Groups (UPGs) are in areas of the world where such desserts and music may not mean much to them. But it’s the idea that counts.

What if people from a UPG could adapt the God-idea to their particular culture, using imagery that is highly meaningful to them? We, as media missionaries outside that UPG may not fully understand what is most meaningful to them, but they do. That’s a prime reason why Create International is looking to train indigenous believers to express God-ideas in ways that are dear to them, to more effectively allow the Holy Spirit to speak His Words of Life into their culture through media.

“Technology and money are not fairly distributed throughout the world, but God-inspired creativity is.”

An Attainable Strategy

Is this doable? Indeed, it is—probably more so today than ever before! Today, with a simple computer and a mobile phone (the computer is becoming optional, by the way), creatives can produce incredibly powerful media without having to sacrifice excellence. The short film “Delight” is an example that should inspire us. It shows how we are no longer limited by technology, or by budgets, or even by language (note that “Delight” uses no words—it can be understood no matter what the viewer’s language). The challenge is being able to tell the God-idea effectively, using imagery tailored for the specific people group that is being reached.

God Has Empowered All Peoples with Creativity

This is the realm of creativity, not of technology or money. Technology and money are not fairly distributed throughout the world, but God-inspired creativity is.

So, led by the Holy Spirit, let’s tap into the creativity that God has blessed all peoples with. To be part of a team that helps Unreached People Groups use media to tell their own people a God-idea, is truly a… delight!

- Hans W.

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