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Finishing the Task 2.0

Two weeks ago, Dave wrote a blog about the EMDC, one of the conferences that we attend in order to connect with field workers for our partnerships to create evangelistic media for unreached people groups. Another helpful connection has been the Finishing the Task (FTT) conference held yearly in Lake Forest, California.

We’ve attended this meeting for a few years, when our schedule permitted us to be in the area. Recently though, the pandemic has caused the conference to go online, and this video from the leader of the coalition, Pastor Rick Warren, has brought us up to speed with its goals.

Vision and Goals

Why has the Great Commission, given by Jesus in Matthew 28:19, 20, not been accomplished yet? When Jesus said, “disciple all nations,” the term “nations” refers to all ethnic peoples. Since that time, the gospel has spread all around the world among most people groups, but not all. The FTT coalition seeks to see “a Bible, a Believer, and a Body of Christ” in all people groups by the year 2033, 2000 years since Jesus gave the Great Commission (taking the Christian calendar as a guide).

The FTT has a list of peoples and places where they have not had the Bible translated into their mother tongue, don’t have enough believers to start churches, and have no existing body of Christ for fellowship. Some groups have missionaries just starting the work by learning the language, others have the Bible or only parts of the Bible translated, but not enough evangelistic effort to bring people to faith. This lack of access to the gospel needs to be addressed.

“Why has the Great Commission, given by Jesus in Matthew 28:19, 20, not been accomplished yet?”

Pastor Rick gave a list of seven strategies to get the whole body of Christ to come together to see all nations reached with the gospel in this generation:

  1. We must mobilize together all the allies (Christians) in this endeavor, and keep their unique ministries under their own flag, so to speak.

  2. The target is simple and clear, mentioned above.

  3. We need a deadline, which is 12 years from now, and ongoing motivation to keep at it.

  4. We need to mobilize involvement from all the spheres of society, i.e. Christian business people, educators, artists, etc.

  5. In order to be fast, fluid and flexible, we will need to be decentralized to empower and enable people at the lowest level.

  6. We must focus our efforts on sharing the gospel with people in pain. He explains that in the parable of the sower, 25 percent of the seeds fell in the good soil which produced a harvest. We ought to concentrate our efforts on those who are ready to receive it. People most often come to Christ when they are in tension or transition. The Holy Spirit does the required change of heart.

  7. We need to emphasize the urgency of the task to keep the momentum going.

Since our involvement with this coalition, we’ve seen people following through on their commitment to reach these unengaged unreached people groups with the gospel. Our ministry will do our part to create evangelistic and discipleship resources for the unreached. Hopefully, you are encouraged that the good news of the kingdom will spread throughout the earth, and many Christians are determined to cooperate together to see this happen in our lifetime.

- Wendy H.

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