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Calvin and Carol Conkey, leaders of Create International, published The Impossible Dream, a book about their life and ministry. Since then, many have read it and been significantly impacted by their testimonies of God’s faithfulness to do the impossible.

Our earlier blogs have featured an interview with Allyson B. as co-author, and an introduction of the book. Now, here are quotes from some of the “missionary titans” who have read the book.

“Several decades have passed since the newlywed Conkeys had a vision to create culturally relevant gospel presentations for every group on a list of more than 200 of the world's largest least-reached people groups. Led by God at every step and partnering with local believers and others in each context, they have recently seen that "impossible" dream accomplished-as well as much more along the way. This book provides a look behind the scenes. What a joy to read story after story not only about the Conkeys' journey but also about actors coming to faith, churches empowered to worship in local styles, and movements launched through these evangelistic films and related projects. If you have a vision to bring the gospel to the unreached, especially using media, this book is for you. Even if that's not your beat, you'll find it a winsome and inspiring read.”

- Marti Wade, Pioneers, Mission Catalyst

“I first met Calvin and Carol Conkey at the Jesus Film Project offices in California. I saw the unique power their films have to introduce the gospel to cultures and languages that the gospel has not previously touched. The scores of evangelistic films they have made have opened one language group after another to the simple message of Jesus. Create International's films communicate the truths of the Bible without introducing Western culture and have a huge impact on these movements.”

- Dr. Paul Eshleman, Founder and President Emeritus, Jesus Film Project, Founder and President Emeritus, Finishing the Task

“Every night I read another story from the "Impossible Dream" to my children -- and then we pray together. Their faith and understanding of the ways of God has grown tremendously as they hear how Jesus did miracles for young people who were radically obedient to him.”

- Missionary Mother in Thailand

“What they have done has blessed the nations.”

“The Conkeys’ success has come from a foundation of dependence on God, prayer, faithfulness, and a commitment to contextualization of the gospel. As you read this book, it will inspire you to hear of the journey of this missionary couple—how God led them to form Create International and the miracles that took place as they filmed across Asia and Africa. What they have done has blessed the nations.”

- Loren Cunningham, Founder, Youth With A Mission

The Impossible Dream is now available in English, French, Indonesian and Arabic languages. Translation is now progressing in Portuguese, Mandarin, Russian, Hindi, and Urdu. Also, an audio version in English will be available soon!

Reposted with permission from Create International’s newsletter.

- Wendy H.

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