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Interview: Allyson B.

Allyson B. joined Create International with her husband Steve in 2009, after completing the School of Frontier Media (SFM) in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Born and raised on the East Coast of the United States, Allyson is the mother of three grown children. She is the co-author of The Impossible Dream, written with Create International leaders Calvin and Carol Conkey. She currently lives in Falmouth, Massachusetts and is part of the Create Mobile team led by Steve.

Q: Tell us about your latest book, The Impossible Dream.

I spent three years interviewing Calvin and Carol, and together we wrote The Impossible Dream. The book tells the story of how the Lord brought them together and gave them the vision to pioneer a new ministry. It was a privilege to hear them recount the early years of Create and to see, from the vantage point of thirty years on, God’s faithfulness in laying a strong foundation for the years to come.

Q: How has this book impacted the people who read it?

I have been very touched by people’s reaction to the book. Anyone who has read it has let me know how they were moved by the stories in it. As I wrote, it was my daily prayer that God would be glorified and the Conkeys honored by my words. There were quite a few times I felt moved to stop writing and spend time thanking God for how he led Calvin and Carol. I prayed that the Holy Spirit would be present to readers in the same way, and it seems as if that prayer has been answered. Many people have shared that they were moved to tears as certain parts—not because of my writing, but because of the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Several months ago, Steve received an email from a stranger. A man was browsing Amazon for a book to buy for his son and, based on his search, Amazon recommended The Impossible Dream. The man had never heard of Create International, but he was interested by the description and bought it. His son read it and was so excited by the content that he has now taken the Frontier Filmmaking Seminar (FFS) and considering becoming a media missionary. One of Calvin and Carol’s specific goals for the book is to inspire others to bring their media talents to the field, so this was a very exciting outcome.

“One of Calvin and Carol’s specific goals for the book is to inspire others to bring their media talents to the field…”

Q: As a writer, how have you been able to use your gifts on the mission field, and become a better writer?

Besides the book, I have also written and edited articles for the Conkeys to share with their supporters. Since a large part of our ministry is making original films, there are also many opportunities to write and edit scripts.

I learned many lessons about writing as I worked on this project. I had to learn how to be very organized and to write under a deadline. Since I had an editor waiting for pages to look at, I learned to sit down and write even when I wasn’t feeling inspired. I learned to trust my own abilities and to hold loosely to the words I had written. A good editor is a gift, and Scott Tompkins could take out a third of my words, keep the essence of what I was saying, and help me to sound good.

Q: What is next on the agenda?

We have just completed the second online version of our Frontier Filmmaking Seminar and will be offering it again in the fall. We have plans to travel to Togo for a project in early 2022. You can register for both seminars at createmobile.org.

Here is the book launch online.

- Wendy H.

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