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Interview: Keegan W.

Keegan joined Create International in 2013 in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and currently lives there with his wife and three-year-old daughter. Born in South Africa, he moved to New Zealand as a young child, and came to the Lord in his teens. He has a strong passion for the Unreached, training, and the arts, and as such, has pioneered and currently leads Create Labs.

Q: How did you find out about Create International and why did you join?

I first heard of Create way back in high school. A couple of staff members were participating in the YWAM Ships outreach going throughout New Zealand. They came to my youth group and talked about the need for more artists to get involved in missions—I was hooked on the spot.

Q: What is Create Labs all about?

Create Labs is an endeavor to serve within a niche, as a supportive role, within Create International. Labs focuses primarily on research, development, and holistic support so that as we grow in size around the globe, and as we respond to an ever-changing world, we possess the ability to respond quickly to global changes, stay ahead of the curve in the area of communication, and continually seek new ways to be more effective in all that we do. We do so by creating strategic relationships with skilled individuals who can respond to challenges as they arise as we support our other studios and teams. 

Q: Campfire is a new learning platform that you’ve also pioneered, so why did you feel that it was needed?

Campfire is really the next iteration of a long history of trying to provide the very best education to those that need it, within the cross-section of media and missions. All that to say, Create has always been passionate about training. Campfire is an additional outworking of this, rather than a replacement for existing training methods. Create still seeks to run more of YWAM’s University of the Nations courses, but in addition, Campfire seeks to fill a gap in this approach, particularly for those that simply cannot attend our existing courses. That said, that’s really only half of what Campfire is. The other half is its ever-growing community of artists, filmmakers, producers, and developers that all have the same heart; to see their talents and skills used well for the Great Commission. By combining training with a project-oriented, team-creation community, Campfire is able to both equip artists, as well as point them in the right direction, if they seek to get involved in the creation of new materials. 

“…we’re really interested in almost anyone interested in the creation of media for missions.”

Q: What kind of people are you looking for to join your team?

As odd as it sounds, we’re really interested in almost anyone interested in the creation of media for missions. This means that we’re interested in researchers as well as filmmakers, software developers as well as animators, counselors, and writers. We really run the gamut in terms of those we work alongside. The really unique thing about working with Labs, though, is that we don’t require our partners to leave what they’re already doing. So, if you’re employed or already working in another ministry, but still want to lend part of your time to media in missions, we have a place for you.

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- Wendy H.

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