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Interview: P.J.

P.J. (a pseudonym) was born and raised in South Africa, and has served with Create International for over twenty years. She first joined the Create family in January 2001, and since then has participated in over 23 media projects among the unreached in over 15 countries. She is presently studying Arabic and leading a Create team called “Create Middle East.”

Q: Why did you join Create International?

I took a YWAM communication course after studying video production at Media Village in Cape Town, South Africa. One of our assignments was to research and write a paper on an unreached people group. While doing the research on a people group in Morocco, a friend and I started to meet weekly to pray for our peoples. It started a fire in my heart for the unreached!

After the course, it turned out that a short-term team was being sent from the base I was serving at, to the people I had researched! I had no idea about that. An incredible coincidence? Probably not! Be careful when you pray for things! You will discover God's heart and you may become the answer to your own prayers!

Shortly after this time, I was in Europe staffing a course and I found a brochure about Create International and their focus on developing media for the unreached. It just spoke to my heart. When I moved to Australia, joined the Create International team and did my School of Frontier Media, I knew in my heart this was the place for me. Working with Create fulfilled my desire to work among unreached people, and use my media skills.

“Be careful when you pray for things! You will discover God's heart and you may become the answer to your own prayers!”

Q: Tell us how and why you started Create Middle East.

Frankly, I have always had a fascination with this region, and particularly Muslim peoples. I had developed some resources in and for the region in the past. I never believed I would live and work in the Middle East full-time. However, little threads in the larger tapestry started coming together when, in 2017, I led a short-term team here.

On that visit, while having a quiet time on the roof of a building, looking out over the small town we were in, I sensed the gentle voice of the Lord. He was inviting me to develop a team for this region. Frankly, I was surprised! At the time I was leading another team, and I knew this would change so much for so many people! It was not a decision I took lightly. I took time to process, but it became apparent that this was indeed the Lord. I said YES! I’m so blessed that he picked me!

As for why we are here, we believe it is important to have a team specifically focused on media resource development for the many peoples of the Middle East and North Africa. Our presence here means we can use all our efforts to serve, and remain focused on this region. Also, God happens to love these people, a lot!

Q: What is the need for media there?

There is great need for media focused on the unreached here. However, due to security concerns and other challenges, it’s not possible for us to rely on all the methods we have used in the past. I know there are new types of media to develop and produce, and we are trusting God for His insight in this. Social media campaigns are currently being used across the region, and right now our team is looking at how to develop tools and resources for these, as they are fruit-bearing strategies. We also hope to produce new innovative evangelistic and discipleship tools of all kinds!

Q: If someone were to join your ministry, what kind of qualities should they have?

A soft heart for God, passion for people from the Middle East, and patience (especially for the language learning phase)! We are trusting for people with media skills to join us. If that’s you, feel free to contact us! If you don’t have media skills, contact us anyway, and we can recommend some great training! www.createmiddleeast.com

- Wendy H.

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