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Interview: Simon and Anima M.

Anima and Simon joined Youth with A Mission (YWAM) in the 1980s. They were both born in India and have served as Discipleship Training School (DTS) leaders, ministry coordinators, University of the Nations (UofN) campus managers, and pioneers for YWAM campuses and DTS locations throughout India. Moving to Perth, Australia in 2000 to work with Create International, they later returned to India to pioneer Create International India. Currently, they live in Jaipur with their three sons.

Q: What drew you both to join Create International?

The main thing that drew us to Create International was the use of culturally relevant ways to share the gospel. In 1997, at a conference, Simon saw a promotional presentation through which God spoke to him to join and start Create International in India.

Besides God’s leading, the way that Create International was using and presenting the gospel was very effective. No one else was doing it. In India, movies are extremely popular—and what better way to share the gospel using movies—and that, in a contextualized and culturally relevant way.

Q: Tell us about some of the Create India media projects.

We have been involved with many large unreached people groups, some in partnerships with other Create International teams and some with just our Create India teams. We have worked with the Banjara, Bengali Hindu, Assamese Muslim, Yadavs, Sindhi, Tulu, Rajasthani, Bhil, Ahirani, upper class Hindus, Dogri, and more. During our Media DTS, we have produced short Hindi evangelistic films. As a team, we also did an evangelistic puppet show film.

Q: What are the other ministries that you are doing besides media?

Besides media projects, we pioneered a literacy program for young girls in a slum, started a skateboarding community outreach, run several Media DTSes and worked closely with the pastors and Christian leaders in the city of Jaipur. Anima does parenting seminars in different parts of India, and has published parenting magazines. She is also a certified Life Coach and meets with individuals to coach them. Presently, Anima and Abhishek, our oldest son, are working on a video to help oral learners to coach for movement leaders. Together, we helped with a culturally relevant comic book for Hindi-speaking people.

“The main thing that drew us to Create International was the use of culturally relevant ways to share the gospel.”

Q: How has the pandemic affected your ability to do ministry?

The pandemic has hit our work very badly. We had to put a stop to our Media DTS, and the literacy program for the young girls in the slum and also hold off our skateboarding community outreach. Anima still has been able to disciple and minister to the ladies through phone calls.

Q: Do you have future plans for Create India?

Our future plans are presently based on how the Lord would lead us after the pandemic. We believe that we will continue to work with the girls and families in the slum to give them hope and a future in Christ. We also believe that we will restart the Media DTS sometime next year and add to our team, while continuing to use media as a means to share the gospel.

Please contact Simon and Anima for more information about their ministry.

- Wendy H.

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