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M4M Global Gathering

On October 6th, a historic online gathering of movement leaders and media producers, tech trainers, and artists came together to see how God may use their ministries to serve each other to accelerate movements among people groups. Below are excerpts from the follow up report:

Thank you for joining the Media4Movements Global Gathering! We had over 300 people present during the on-line zoom call. For those of you who couldn’t join due to timings, internet, ministry, and family challenges—we missed you.

First, a big thank you to the movement leaders from many nations who joined us. We got to glimpse into some of your vision, your heart for the lost, your joys and some of your complex challenges. Second, a genuine thank you from a number of movement leaders for the warm response and interest from the many media coalition partners who offered to make their trainings and tools available.

Two Worlds Converging

For many of us, this was the first time to see two worlds converge—those serving faithfully in God’s movements around the world—and those serving faithfully in media, technology, and ethno-arts around the world.

Interestingly, on October 6th, we heard the same words from both worlds! For example:

  • One movement leader working among 15 groups said, “We’re struggling to come up with discipleship media that is Hindu contextualized for 7 dialects geared towards women and children.

  • ‘One digital media servant said, “We would love to connect with more movement leaders to help them solve their media problems, but we often struggle to connect with them.’”

One person described the M4M Global Gathering presentations and discussions as “historic.” Indeed, we believe God is doing something new! We began much needed, long-awaited conversations together. So, brothers and sisters, let’s keep talking!

“We encourage you to keep saying “yes” to our Good Shepherd and do whatever He says.”

We encourage you to keep saying “yes” to our Good Shepherd and do whatever He says. Thank you for stepping courageously into your God-given assignment to “build the sailboat” in His redemptive plan for the nations, and for raising and positioning those sails to catch the wind of His Spirit to multiply! As we continue following His lead and serving Him, may we soar into the Lord of the Harvest’s uncharted waters through His sovereign direction and by His power, to see disciples multiplied. May we see His kingdom come and His will be done among every tribe, language, and nation.

Your co-workers in the Harvest,

Calvin, Carol, Dono, and Grace,

M4M Facilitation Team

Consider contacting the M4M Facilitation Team who have asked for feedback, comments or questions about the Gathering and M4M. They want to know how they can serve you and if you are interested in areas of service with M4M teams. Email them at: media4movements@gmail.com

Wendy H.

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