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Media Ministry Coalitions

There’s a place for anyone who desires to use their gifts and talents to reach people who have never heard the gospel. Sometimes it’s within a church, or an organization. Sometimes it’s in the workplace and sharing with neighbors and friends. Always it’s being ready for the right opportunity to share the good news in a way that others can receive it.

We found our place serving in media, and as part of the Create International ministry in Taiwan, we have always been inspired and encouraged by the work of other media ministries. It’s like having teammates all over the world focusing on the same goal and cheering each other on!

The Goal is Huge

Nowadays, there are billions of Google searches every day and nearly everyone has a mobile phone. Access to individuals in almost every country through the Internet has now been realized and digital forms of communication during the pandemic have become for many, the primary way to connect.

What do we do with this opportunity? How do we find those on the Internet who are interested in knowing more about Jesus? How do we disciple them to disciple others in their family, community, and nation? What media content should be created and for what purposes?

Just like Peter needed help to pull in the nets, coalitions of media ministries have come together to work on various aspects of communicating the gospel through media. Trainers, producers, distributors, and even media coaches are needed for reaching out to the nations.

Media and Missions

Media4Movements, is a network focused as “to how media can be used to enhance Disciple-Making Movements among the Unreached.” This network is equipping national believers to create and multiply their own indigenous gospel media, especially where movements of believers in Christ are growing.

Media to Movements is not just a media ministry, it is also a coalition of partners using digital strategies “to advance the Great Commission among the least reached peoples of the world.” They are working with social media outreaches all over the world.

Online training opportunities in Media to Movements Foundations and courses in social media and disciple-making movements principles help individuals and ministries apply their skills effectively.

“Just like Peter needed help to pull in the nets, coalitions of media ministries have come together to work on various aspects of communicating the gospel through media.”

The Visual Story Network “connects Jesus followers who have a heart for using media for the kingdom,” and gives resources and recommendations for those wanting to start their journey in reaching the lost through media.

The Mobile Ministry Forum is another network “of missional innovators fostering a mobile ministry movement so that every unreached person will have a chance to encounter, experience and grow in Christ through their personal mobile device.” The Country and Region Specific Information is invaluable for media practitioners working to reach unreached people groups (UPGs) throughout the world.

Visual and augmented reality enthusiasts also have a place in reaching the lost. Mission ARVR is “a partnership of ministries and individuals creating, collaborating, and exploring the use of augmented and virtual reality technology in ministry contexts.”

If you are looking for a place to serve, or would like to serve in reaching others through media, don’t waste a minute wondering where to start. The opportunities are here!

- Wendy H.

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