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We were all standing around this big table, with a huge jigsaw puzzle before us. Some were crowding around a corner, working on a complicated part, while others were focused on joining the edge pieces or connecting a particular color. Often, a person would lean across the table with a piece, and say, “Hey, I think this might belong to your part.” Everyone was talking and laughing and having a good time sharing the work of completing the puzzle.

When the Lord speaks to us about focusing on a particular initiative or ministry, we often don’t know at the outset how he is going to accomplish it. It’s too big and complex for us to put it all together, yet He asks us to be willing and able to listen for direction as he guides us to completion. It’s amazing that he would want to work through us at all, but still He faithfully brings together the people needed to see it happen.

The Challenge

By the end of this year, Lord willing, a ten-year-long initiative called 2020Vision will be completed. Create International led the challenge to produce evangelistic films for the Least Evangelized Peoples with a population of one million or more resulting in 163 contextual evangelistic media projects working together with other media ministries.

So, what’s next? What does Jesus want us to do as part of the body of Christ fulfilling the Great Commission? So let’s reach the Least Evangelized Peoples with a population of less than one million! They comprise about 22-23% of all unreached peoples of the world. However, there are 554 groups on this list. Can you image how long it would take?

“So let’s reach the Least Evangelized Peoples with a population of less than one million!”

From the Harvest to the Harvest

What if we trained and coached the believers who are part of those least reached people groups to create their own contextual evangelistic media projects? They know better than anyone the type of communication and the message that would touch the hearts of their own people. In many places in the world, these groups have had increasingly large movements of people to Christ. Currently, there are 1,369 of stage 5 church planting movements (churches still being planted at the 5th generation or more)!

This is a huge undertaking, and Create International is asking the Lord to bring together the people, skills, and attitude of sharing, helping, and honoring that is needed to complete our part in the Great Commission. We want to serve movement leaders to help spark, enhance and accelerate what God is doing among their people.

Check out the site below for more information to see how you might bring a piece of the puzzle to help complete it!


- Wendy H.

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