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Ministry to Muslims

God is at work! As we partner together with believers from other cultures, ethnicities, and nationalities to pray for the needs of the world around us, our understanding of God’s will for all to come to fully know his Son enlarges, broadens and deepens our own hearts.

From 13 April -12 May, 2021, during the month of Ramadan, Christians from around the world pray with love and respect for Muslims. This initiative, called “30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World” began in 1993 as an informative prayer guide about Muslim peoples, their faith and many cultures, and the need for love and compassion to respond to their needs. This prayer guide inspires believers to ask God to bring about a greater interest in Isa’Almasih (Jesus) among those peoples.

Movements to Christ

Reports of refugees fleeing repressive regimes, and seeking truth outside their inherited worldview have given believers an opportunity in nearby countries to engage and share their faith. The response has been encouraging. Some Muslims have sought out the church themselves, after having had dreams and visions of Jesus! “More Muslims have come to Christ in this century than in all previous centuries of Islam.” ¹

When many individuals from a particular people group come to faith, missiologists consider it a “movement when it consistently sees four generations of disciples gathered in churches, in multiple streams.” Currently, 1,369 movements to Christ are being documented of which the majority are from the Muslim and Hindu religions.

“More Muslims have come to Christ in this century than in all previous centuries of Islam.”

These church-planting movements make up 1% of the world’s population and right now there are 2,000 teams working to start movements in their own regions. Perhaps within the next five to ten years we will see steady progress in reaching all people groups with the gospel as they make it their own and obey the commands of Christ. ²

Books have been written documenting what God’s Spirit has been doing to reach Muslims in various parts of the world: A Wind in the House of Islam, Miraculous Movements, and Bhojpuri Breakthrough. These accounts are compelling encouragements to continue to pray for the Muslim World.

- Wendy H.

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