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Multiplication in YWAM

YWAM (Youth With a Mission) defines itself as a missions movement within the body of Christ. As a movement, we are held together by vision, values, and principles, while we relate to each other as a healthy family of brothers and sisters in Christ.

One of the values of YWAM is to champion young people. As long-time volunteers grow older, there have been calls for a renewed emphasis on raising up young, local leaders while together we pursue listening, obeying, and not giving up on the call of God to reach those who have not heard the gospel.

Trusting the Holy Spirit

One of the speakers for a recent online gathering, taught from Acts 15 and shared about the role of James, the Lord’s brother. James the Just, as he was later known, at first did not believe that Jesus was the Christ until after Jesus rose from the dead. He became a part of the church in Jerusalem.

A divisive problem came before the church leaders over the issue of Gentiles coming into the church without being circumcised or obeying Jewish law. In order to help decide the future of the church, James as a leader, who had previously met Paul (Galatians 1:19), welcomed Paul and Barnabas back and, with the rest of the leaders, took the time to listen and discuss the issue.

James read through the scriptures to discern the will of God for the decision they were facing. He chose to trust Paul and Barnabas and trust what the Holy Spirit was doing through the Gentiles, rather than those that were vocal in their opposition.

“The future starts with the attitude of the heart.”

As a result, Gentiles were welcomed into the church, bringing along their culture and language as an influence, and if you read the rest of the Book of Acts, you can see the continued growth of the church throughout the world.

The future, according to the speaker, starts with the attitude of the heart. We were all challenged to take more time with younger people and have them share what they feel God is asking them to do. Together we pray with them to discern what the Holy Spirit is wanting to do to change the future of the church.

- Wendy H.

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