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News: AniMissions EMDC

Last month, we posted an update about our AniMissions training program in which we announced two different formats, the six-week AniMissions Seminar, and the 24-week AniMissions School. Today we are announcing yet another opportunity to get a taste of animation for missions through partnership with the EMDC (also mentioned in a previous post).

The AniMissions EMDC is a free online training track designed to cover the basics of 2D animation (and some 3D as well) using the free, open source Blender software. We will be showing examples, demonstrating the Blender animation process, and giving students simple exercises to help understand the concepts in order to create short, animated videos that share the good news cross-culturally.

What to Expect

Initially, we will cover contextualization in art and animation, some basic animation principles, and show how to create a storyboard from an idea or script. After this introduction, Blender will take center stage as we dig into understanding the interface and the 3D environment, basic modeling and shading, and the 2D Grease Pencil feature. Character design and simple rigging will be touched on before jumping into animation, and then we will wrap up with an overview of cameras, lighting, and rendering. Throughout the training track, production pipeline and project management will be covered.

“We hope that some will catch the vision, want to go deeper, and sign up for one of our more extensive AniMissions courses.”

That’s a lot to cover in eight hours, and we do not expect anyone to become a professional Disney/Pixar animator in that amount of time! This is an introductory course, designed to give a simple overview of a very complex procedure. Our main goal is not to give people all they need to know about Blender, but to offer a peek into the process so that those who are considering Blender animation as an option in their ministry can make an informed decision on how to proceed. We hope that some will catch the vision, want to go deeper, and sign up for one of our more extensive AniMissions courses.

Sign me up!

AniMissions EMDC is part of the broader EMDC Online Classroom and will be comprised of four 2-hour sessions each Tuesday over the month of June beginning on June 1 (at 22:00 Taiwan time). EMDC has developed a well-built interface for their online training tracks and you can enroll and browse their list of available events here. If you are wondering what’s involved in animation production for missions, enroll in the EMDC and sign up for our AniMissions EMDC today!

- Dave H.

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