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News: Campfire

Create International, a ministry of Youth with a Mission, has recently begun a new venture! On the Campfire website, courses, workshops, and schools will be offered to Christians everywhere for developing their artistic skills in reaching the world with the good news of the gospel. From the site:

“Campfire is all about telling stories. Small stories, and world-changing stories. Here, you can learn the skills to tell better stories, find friends to collaborate with, and turn those ideas into reality. The Unreached Need You…”

Learn, Connect and Collaborate

Four courses will initially be offered, and pre-sign ups are available for notification when Campfire is ready to launch! Learn how to make short films on your smartphone and the basics of videography. Delve into the issues of world cultures and contextualization and become effective at getting your creations out there on a variety of platforms to be seen.

A forum for connecting with like-minded artists is included to help fuel the fire and motivation needed to create and complete these projects. This community for “all things media in ministry,” is designed to engage members in the topics that most interest them.

Collaborating together accelerates the quality and completion rate of the media productions, getting more resources out to the field where missionaries can use them to help communicate the gospel’s saving power to those who haven’t heard or understood in their cultural context and language.

Tying it all together will be an easy way to see the competencies and skills of the individuals involved. When Campfire is ready to launch, there will be YWAM schools hosted online and live seminars to participate in to further your skills.

Pre-sign up now, and when Campfire launches you’ll gain immediate access! Clicking this link will take you to a form that will take about five minutes to complete. Sign-up for free today!

- Wendy H.

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