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Things change quickly and if we are unaware of it, we may miss the opportunity to praise and thank God for his work on our behalf. Are you aware of what God is currently doing in many nations around the world? Or of what we can do to mobilize this generation to help bring the gospel to the ends of the earth?

Podcasts are an excellent way to keep up with the latest trends and developments in missions, and to be equipped to reach others with the gospel. The convenience of listening while doing mundane tasks or travel can be an encouragement to our faith while we hear stories of believers from around the world participating in the expansion of his church.

Links You’ll Love

Create International has two podcasts hosted by Cal and Carol, our international leaders. God Network News (GNN) has over 50 episodes of stories “fresh from the field” that thousands of listeners enjoy. Many believers are working in relative obscurity in areas that don’t get much media coverage outside their own nation, much less reporting on spiritual matters.

Gospel Gadgets Podcast (GGPE) reports on how media and technology are being used to reach every segment of society. The Media4Movements initiative has been connecting with movement leaders around the world to serve them with evangelistic and training resources. The stories they tell about people coming to faith are inspiring.

Movements with Steve Addison shares stories and insights from the mission field on multiplying disciples and churches everywhere. His recent podcasts feature NoPlaceLeft practitioners and Zume Training for small group growth. You’ll hear about life changing principles for those working in missions.

“Podcasts are an excellent way to keep up with the latest trends and developments in missions.”

If you enjoy staying up on the news, these four to five-minute podcasts are exceptionally concise and informative. Mission Network News gives major headlines and quick news updates from all around the world, motivating believers for “prayer, participation and support of missionary work…”

The Missionary Mobilization podcast comes from Trinity Bible College. These interviews with mobilizers are full of practical tips and encouragements for those pursuing missions and ministry and equipping others to go.

For those who speak Chinese, The Mission Podcast from iMission1, a media platform from a church in Taipei, has conversations with Taiwanese missionaries who tell stories about their work to encourage everyone to consider how they can participate in the Great Commission. They also post talks by missionaries on YouTube.

Check out these and other great podcasts to keep your missions vision alive and to become more informed in prayer!

- Wendy H.

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