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Staff Feature: Fang Ru Chen

Fang Ru is a Taiwanese woman living in Danshui, Taiwan and has been serving part-time with Create International Taiwan since 2019. She comes with a wealth of experience including translation, television production, and pastoral ministry. Her newest passion is teaching missionaries Mandarin Chinese as a certified Chinese Foreign Language (CFL) teacher. She also serves with the YWAM Publishing Ministry and King’s Kids International (KKI) in Taiwan.

Q: Why did you decide to join Youth With A Mission (YWAM)?

A: I had a desire to become a part of YWAM in my late twenties, yet was carried away by other things until a life crisis hit twenty years later. Having felt scattered and lost with my direction in life, I sought God and sensed His leading to relocate to where I last knew I had the “axehead”—as in 2 Kings 6—which was the clear voice of God about whom God created me to be and what He created me to do. Memories of having been inspired and challenged to follow God by faith as a missionary through YWAMers’ lives, and reading Loren Cunningham’s book, “Is That Really You, God?,” have revived me ever since. After all these years of distraction from living my destiny, I've come full circle and am walking into being a missionary, step-by-step, starting with being a translator for Create International Taiwan, the YWAM Publishing Ministry and KKI in Taiwan.

Q: You lived in the US for four years, but came back to Taiwan. Was that an easy decision?

A: It was not easy since I had to leave my first church family where I came to Christ and was dearly nurtured as a young Christian for three years. It was at an international campus fellowship where I really felt I belonged and was loved. However, doors to stay did not open after my study and practical training were finished in the US after four years. I came back believing God had a better plan instead. And He did.

Q: Why did you choose to volunteer with Create International Taiwan?

A: Honestly, I would not have known of Create at all if not for my friends, Hans and Shaina Widmer, asking me to check out Create Taiwan for them a few years ago. Interestingly, I found myself drawn to be a bridge as a translator helping Create Taiwan to be known in Chinese communities throughout the world. It seemed to be a part of relocating myself to be whom God created me to be and what He created me to do.

Q: Why do you think this ministry is effective for reaching people with the gospel?

A: I am simply amazed at all the efforts and talents that have been poured into creating useful tools for minorities of the world at Create. This ministry cares for the least among the least. That’s the Father’s heart that all people should be nurtured into the Kingdom of a loving God who sacrificed His most precious Son to die for everyone of us.

It’s been a pleasure to work alongside Fang Ru in this ministry. We are grateful for her commitment to follow the Lord and serve in her capacity and calling.

- Wendy H.

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