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Student Feature: Igor Papish

Years ago, our staff Kyla interviewed Igor Papish, one of our students in the 2011 School of Cartooning and Animation for Missions, which we ran in Chiangmai, Thailand. Igor grew up in Ternopil, Ukraine, and was an avid doodler throughout school and even to this day. During high school and after graduation he began to take his art more seriously. Although we are no longer running the SoCAM, our two current training programs, AniMissions and the Frontier Comics Seminar, cover most of what the SoCAM covered during its ten-year history.

Here are some of his thoughts on art and the SoCAM.


K: How did the SoCAM develop your artistic skills?

I: It helped me think creatively and work in a group setting on a team project, besides teaching me the technical skills. I had no background in using Adobe Flash prior to it. By the end of SoCAM I felt confident to be able to animate using the tool.

Jesus the Creator

K: Do you feel supported by your family in your art? How did attending the SoCAM affect how you felt as a Christian artist?

I: My family is very supportive of my art and love my work. SoCAM helped me realize that art is an extremely powerful tool to convey a message, so powerful that using it for the Kingdom of God and Gospel makes a difference in people’s lives. SoCAM helped me become comfortable and confident in putting a Christian message into my artwork.

Golden Eagle

K: What's your favorite thing to draw? What is it about this thing that is so special to you/

I: I highly appreciate portraits and human figure. I enjoy drawing fictional characters from TV shows as well as friends and family. It is special because I enjoy developing the likeness of facial features and showing person’s character through it.

K: What's your favorite medium? How did the SoCAM expand your technical skills?

Ragnar Lothbrok 2016 portrait from the show Vikings

I: My favorite medium is colored pencils for color works, and charcoal sticks for black and white. As I mentioned above I feel like I’ve mastered Adobe Flash the most during the course. Certainly also expanded my skill in Illustrator and Photoshop. Dave was my first instructor for Adobe products in 2010 during a YWAM School of Illustration in Kona, and helped me learn even more in SoCAM. Dave Hudson is an amazing artist but also instructor, especially in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Soak in like a sponge on all the things he tells you about the tools.

K: What's the best part of the creative process? What's the hardest part?

I: To me if I’m working on a drawing or painting coming up with the concept can be hard sometimes. Once I have the line work laid out on the canvas or paper I really enjoy the process of creating an art piece, putting values down and blending them.


K: What are some things you learned, formally or informally, from fellow artists during the SoCAM?

I: I learned to work in a group setting and as one team, supporting each other, and working as one body towards a common goal.

K: If someone were curious about the SoCAM, what would be the first thing you would want them to know about it?

I: If you considered yourself creative and are passionate about art, animation and the Lord do the SoCAM.

Selfie XXIII (prisma color markers)

K: What advice would you give to an artist struggling with artist's block?

I: Do whatever it is that usually inspires you, be it watching TV, praying, reading etc. Sometimes you just must take a break and wait it out. However, when you have a deadline push procrastination to the side and at the very least make a game plan and sketch some ideas. Before you know it you will get into the “game mode.”

K: Where can we see your art online, or get in touch with you?

I: ArtStation, also my Facebook account & Instagram... Ihor Papish (official spelling even though I go by Igor)

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