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The Impossible Dream

Calvin and Carol Conkey, founders of Create International, have just released a book about their lives and ministry. We have been a part of Create for over 12 years and have heard stories here and there, but having the book in our hands with many more stories written down has encouraged us in our work. Allyson Baldwin has done a fine job as co-author with the Conkeys. Here’s the copy from the “about the book”section:

“‘I don't see how it can be done. This is an impossible dream.’ These words from a respected colleague didn't stop Calvin and Carol Conkey. God had given them the huge vision of reaching over two hundred mega-people groups with a culturally relevant gospel presentation—a task that should take three lifetimes.

“The Conkeys brought their impossible dream to God and trusted Him to accomplish what they could not. They gave their faith and the cameras in their hands to God, and He accomplished the impossible.

“In the last thirty years, their films have reached millions of unreached people. This book is for those willing to dream big with God. Story after story will encourage you to believe that nothing is too big for God. When He plants a dream in your heart, He will make it possible.”

What’s Planted in Your Heart?

Pinned up on the bulletin board in our office, there’s a fortune cookie saying with the message, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” This has been a phrase we’ve used to challenge ourselves…especially when we’re only thinking in terms of our capacity and tempted to never start the journey to accomplish a dream that God has planted in our hearts.

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

What is your dream? Sometimes, we focus only on the negative aspects of what it will take to achieve a particular dream and then believe that there will be no joy on the way. Or our dreams become so small and ordinary that when we achieve them, we realize that we missed out on something greater that God was doing along the way!

There is so much that can be done here on earth, by faith in a great God who makes the impossible, possible.We have appreciated working with the Conkeys and seeing first-hand how the Lord is using them as well as the leaders and staff to accomplish the reaching of many more unreached people groups with the gospel through evangelistic media. We hope you will be encouraged by their story.

Click here to purchase the book!

- Wendy H

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