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Uncertain Times

As the pandemic continues around the world and regional conflicts widen, it’s been a challenge to keep our momentum in ministry. Some Create projects have been put on hold or dropped entirely because of travel restrictions. Staff are spread out in different locations and both school and project income has ceased.

It would be easy to give in to a fear of the future or distrust of the news we receive, but we have been encouraged by the response of the Taiwanese government to the pandemic and strengthened by the online Zoom calls and meetings that we have been able to participate in with others who are in the same situation. We are so grateful to experience God’s grace and goodness in uncertain times.

Which Way is Up?

Have you ever been knocked over unexpectedly by a wave? Perhaps there’s a commotion on the beach and we glance away from the ocean. Suddenly, a mouthful of sea water and a view of the underwater landscape hits us. After the shock, we can usually find our balance and stand back up out of the waves. But what happens when we can’t find our way up out of the water?

Reorienting ourselves to an unexpected event requires flexibility and strength to gain one’s footing again. Which way is up? Where can I get my head above water? This is where our faith comes in, that in the midst of an unexpected wave, we can trust that there is still a sky above, a place above the waves where we can stand and breathe the ocean air again.

“Reorienting ourselves to an unexpected event requires flexibility and strength to gain one’s footing again.”

If one has faith and believes in Jesus Christ, “the way up” during uncertain times, is Jesus Christ himself. Who is he, and what did he say and teach? What do we know to be true and on what do we stand? Did he promise that we would never experience trials or suffering or setbacks or did he promise that we would experience many difficulties in this world? [John 16:33]

Our flexibility and strength must come from trusting in our God who sent his Holy Spirit to communicate to his followers and give us the capacity to obey his commands. He promises to be with us as we are with him. We can trust that as we continue to prepare for training students or producing projects for unreached people groups, he will never leave us alone.

- Wendy H.

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