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Whether you are just starting out or have extensive life experience, volunteering in missions is a great idea. The task of reaching people in the world with the gospel won’t be finished until all have heard. So why wouldn’t volunteering, whether at home or overseas, be an option for any believer? Now is the time to plan for your future in missions.

At Create International Taiwan, we create indigenous art and media resources to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ. Believers in Jesus age 18 and above, who have talent in art, are interested in learning computer skills, and have a passion to serve God in missions, are most welcome to come and serve with us here in Taiwan.

Internships, Volunteering, and YWAM

As part of YWAM Create International, we offer internships of six months or less for those who have not completed a Discipleship Training School (DTS) in YWAM. Those in YWAM who have completed a DTS can volunteer with us as Create staff for a longer term. Taiwan has a nice, friendly cross-cultural environment, with healthy, delicious food and outdoor activities. Urban, suburban and rural areas are all accessible via a public transportation system. Mandarin Chinese is the main language, but English is spoken widely here.

We are looking for those who desire to be part of a growing community of artists who want to spur each other on to excellence, especially those in YWAM looking for a place to serve with their artistic skills. We are all learning together in group activities, creating together as a team, brainstorming, and bouncing things off of each other as artists.

“We are looking for those who desire to be part of a growing community of artists who want to spur each other on to excellence…”

Since the pandemic began, we are increasing our capacity to produce our films online. Create International has nine teams throughout the world that always need help. We’d love to partner with animators, illustrators, music composers, web designers, and video editors in the industry who can’t travel, but are willing to help us out for a season. Let us know what your skills are, and we will find a need to be filled.

However, volunteering in missions is not just about our ministry. YWAM has all sorts of ministries to reach people with the gospel. Consider asking God how and where you can serve. Ask your pastor how you can prepare to be sent out. Reach out to internationals in your own community who may not have heard yet. Invite them to dinner.

When the world opens up, will you be ready for your future in missions?

- Wendy H.

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