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What’s up with Create Taiwan?

Do you ever have the sense that now’s the time to…? During the COVID-19 crisis, we now have time at Create Taiwan to deal with the many things that we never seemed to get around to during the midst of running schools and completing projects! It’s also been a deep time of evaluating the fruit and direction of this ministry that we steward.

Remember the Parable of the Ten Virgins from Matthew 25? When we look at the passages before and after, we see that the main idea is about the Son of Man returning again to earth. Jesus encouraged his hearers to be prepared and ready even though no one knows exactly when it will happen.

See the Possibilities for Change

At Create Taiwan, the focus of our ministry has been to train believers in order to multiply workers to create contextual arts and media to reach the unreached peoples of the world with the gospel. But there have been significant changes in arts and media since we started back in 2013.

  • Newer digital platforms and media distribution methods

  • Better software and hardware now available

  • No more DVDs (praise God)

  • Greater difficulty for students to come to Taiwan

  • Higher training costs

  • Increasing interference limiting access to gospel media

In light of the changes taking place, we all need to ask ourselves, how can we get ready for the future?

So Now’s the Time to…. Get Ready!

According to scripture, Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, will come back again to earth. And at that point, everyone will know that he is Lord! But until that future arrives, many do not. So how can we use the tools he has given us to get the good news proclaiming that he is Lord to those who need to hear?

During this time, we are prayerfully considering major changes in the way we train, particularly in offering both in-person and online training. As we adopt new software, we are reworking our media production pipeline to be more efficient and looking to more secure online platforms to get the message to those with the least access.

We’re also taking the time to reconnect again with those that have participated with us in the ministry along the way and re-establishing consistent spiritual practices that have given us the oil in our lamps in our relationship with Jesus!

So thank you all for your involvement and support for Create Taiwan as we seek to steward this ministry to the glory of God.

- Dave and Wendy

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